Girls Who Inspire Us

A princess isn’t defined by her title, tiara or even glass slippers. A princess is defined by her courage, kindness and ability to believe in herself and to aspire for greatness.

Here are four girls who inspire a new generation of princesses to be brave, to aim high and of course, to dream big.

Favorite Disney Princess: “I love Ariel because she’s in the water trying to explore land; while I’m on land trying to explore the water world.”
Aaliyah Yoong Hanifah, a female water ski athlete who is Asia’s number 1 ranked Open Women tricks skier, was recently listed in the Top 10 World Ranking for the “Under-17” category in girls tricks and top 30 in the World Ranking for the “Open Women” category by the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) following her achievements at the Moomba Masters Championship in Melbourne, Australia. The youngest skier in her category, Aaliyah is the current record holder of the SEA Games Open Women tricks and Malaysian Open Women tricks.
Aaliyah’s Big Dream
“My biggest dream is to be a multiple world champion in water skiing.”
Figure Skater
Favorite Disney Princess: “My favorite Disney Princess is Rapunzel – I admire how she expresses her creativity artistically. I love that she always remains positive.”
Sofia Guidote has won more than 15 medals to date as a competitive figure skater in the Philippines. The Muntinlupa city native has been named the National Champion of the Advanced Novice division at the Philippine National Figure Skating Championships in 2014, Novice A National Champion in 2012 and 2013, and pre-juvenile national champion in 2010.
Sofia’s Big Dream
“My ultimate goal is to represent the Philippines in the Winter Olympics someday.”
Singer/Actress/YouTube Artist
Favorite Disney Princess: “Cinderella inspires me because she started from nowhere, she had nothing at all and then one day, she had the courage to step outside of her comfort zone and take the big step.”
Jannine Parawie Weigel (Ploychompoo) is a singer and actress well-known for making song covers on her own YouTube channel Jannine Weigel, which is followed by over 1.6 million subscribers. As of March 2016, nearly 300 million people have watched her YouTube videos. Jannine started her YouTube channel in 2013, and in October of the same year, she uploaded her cover of Passenger’s “Let Her Go” which went viral and garnered millions of views. She is the first Thai individual to also receive the “YouTube Gold Play Button” recognition which is awarded by YouTube to its most popular channels.

Jannine is also an actress, and is known for her starring role in the movie “Senior” which was shown in 11 Asian countries.
Jannine’s Big Dream
“My dream is to make it big in the music industry internationally.”
Aspiring Chef
Favorite Disney Princess: “The Disney Princess that inspires me the most is Belle. She cares so much about her family and has an appetite for learning. She also doesn’t judge a book by its cover.”
Syifa Hasan (Afaf) is the winner of the 2014 Junior MasterChef Indonesia cooking competition. Her love for cooking started from her early elementary school days. Afaf stood out in Junior MasterChef for her expertise in cakes and pastries during the competition, often receiving high praise from the show’s judges for her talent. Afaf attributed her success to consistent practicing with her mom before the competition started.
Afaf’s Big Dream
“My biggest dream is to have a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars!”
“Like everybody else I’ve got a dream” - Rapunzel
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