King Triton’s youngest daughter feels confined by life under the sea and yearns to be part of the human world above the waves. With typical adolescent rebellion, Ariel is determined to follow her own dreams - and courageously risks everything to make her dreams come true.
  • Graceful and elegant, but also fun and sometimes silly
  • Has six mermaid princess sisters
  • Her underwater kingdom is called Atlantica
Cinderella isn’t born a princess but has the natural graciousness of one. Gentle and kind, Cinderella is also hard-working, which makes her a great role model. She keeps away from her cruel stepmother, and her jealous stepsisters. They constantly mistreat her, but Cinderella is strong enough to hold on to her dreams.
  • Her carriage was made by her Fairy Godmother by using her magic on a pumpkin
  • Has the right-sized feet
  • Has many animal friends, including the mice, her dog bruno, the birds and her horse major
Artistic and passionate, Rapunzel makes do with her sheltered, tower life by constantly keeping herself wrapped up in all kinds of crafts and activities. However, her highly curious nature makes her yearn to discover what life is like outside of the tower, but she knows above all else, when she must listen to her heart.
  • Has over 70ft of blonde magic hair that glows when she sings
  • Uses her hair in unique and inventive ways, like a whip, a swing, and a pulley, among other things
  • Just wants to see the floating lanterns gleam!
“Like everybody else I’ve got a dream” - Rapunzel
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